A beautiful new way to create and share research figures

Efficient figure design, raw data tracking, and collaborative figure editing on one platform.

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A new way to create figures

We believe that it shouldn't take scientists 3 or more different pieces of software to compose, track, share and get feedback on figures. We obsessively researched how scientists create and manage Figures and created a single platform to do it all.

A new way to share data

Data is the ultimate currency of research but compiling it in a way that is easy to share is difficult. By using Figures, you're preparing your data for sharing internally, externally, to a repository, or to a publication as you go. We love the open data movement and our underlying architecture treats figures as JSON objects - an open, transpararent, web friendly format that can be used anywhere.

Compose figures quickly and easily with image tools built for scientists

With design tools that are built for researchers and the data at your fingertips, it's faster and easier to create impactful visual representations of your work.

Track your progress by your results

We designed figures to work like a modern data repository. Our figure editor allows you to arrange annotate and describe your results & analyses. Save the figure and it's tracked chronologically.

Clear your desktop from multiple file copies and give each figure a description.

Empower team collaboration inside and outside of your lab

Figures makes it easy to share your data and image files with your team. Team members can comment, collaborate, brainstorm and share data quickly and easily. Share with your PI or chat with your colleague. Our messaging feature kills hard to track email in favor of contextual conversation. Work with external collaborators? Invite them to add their data and join the conversation.

A design tool built for editing and tracking research data



Copy and paste your plots. Upload your raw files and share data.


Graphic Libraries

Choose from the largest collection of scientific clipart in the world. 3000+ and counting.


Time Series Grids

Create formatted grids for showing multiple images & time series.



Highlight, annotate, and comment on your figures.



Invite collaborators to view, comment and share knowledge on your results.



Export your figures optimized for presentation, or publication. Embed on your website.

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Are you a publisher?

Get in touch! We're out to change the way that scientists communicate visual results. Part of that is working with publishers to streamline figure submission and retrieval as well as redefining what a figure is!

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